Kaiseki RyoriSeasonal banquet cuisine that allows you to fully enjoy the blessings of nature from the Kumamoto-Aso area. Our banquets provide a well-balanced blend of meat and fish, including brand-name beef from Aso, free-range chicken, “basashi” (horse-meat sashimi), a local specialty, as well as salt-grilled fresh river fish. As a final course, please be sure to enjoy our homemade soba noodles.

Set Menu

Our most popular! 【Soba Kaiseki】■Soba Kaiseki 1,800yen
Appetizer, handmade tofu, zarusoba (kakesoba), mixed rice (white rice)
This reasonably-priced set menu allows you to enjoy our special soba noodles together with other local ingredients.

【Matsutarou Kaiseki】■Soba set:3,500yen (zarusoba or kakesoba)
■Rice set:3,000yen (Mixed rice and soup)
Appetizer, basashi (horse-meat sashimi), stone-cooked wagyu beef, handmade tofu
This set allows you to enjoy the flavors of Kumamoto, such as “basashi” (horse-meat sashimi), a local specialty and stone-cooked wagyu beef, together with soba noodles.

×【Soutarou Kaiseki】soldout■Soba set
■Rice set
Appetizer, basashi(horse-meat sashimi), salad, stone-cooked wagyu beef, handmade tofu, salt-grilled river fish, tempura (vegetable)
In addition to soba noodles, this hearty set comes with “basashi” (horse-meat sashimi), a local specialty, salt-grilled river fish and tempura.

Cold soba Noodles

Zarusoba 900yenNoodles made from a secret blend of Soutarouan’s unique soba flour.
You can enjoy the original soba flavor.
This is our most popular dish.

Bukkakesoba 1,300yenSoba noodles lavishly topped with grated yam. Mix together with an egg (provide in a separate dish) before eating.

Oroshisoba 1,100yenA soba dish with a light taste made using grated radish and seasonings. Pour in the soup stock before eating.

Tenzarusoba 1,300yenThis set contains soba noodles with dipping sauce and tempura. Add salt when eating the tempura, which is made from shrimp and vegetables picked in our own vegetable garden.

Hot Soba Noodles

Oroshionsoba 1,100yenSoba noodles with grated radish, onions and bits of fried batter. Squeeze in lemon juice before eating.

Mochiagesoba 1,250yenA hearty soba dish containing deep fried rice cakes that is sure to fill you up.

Nankanagesoba 1,100yenSoak the nankanage (deep fried tofu made in Kumamoto) in broth before eating.

Yamakakesoba 1,100yenMade using both yamano potatoes and yamato potatoes. This is a popular dish among women.

Tempurasoba 1,300yenTop the soba noodles with tempura made from shrimp and vegetables picked in our own vegetable garden.

Kakesoba 700yenThis is our most standard hot soba noodle dish. Eat the noodles and broth together.

A La Carte

Wagyuishiyaki 1,500yenPopular Kumamoto-raised wagyu beef is tender and has a moderate amount of fat. Enjoy it cooked just the way you like it.

Asodoriishiyaki 1,200yenThis popular dish fills your mouth with the deliciousness of juicy chicken.

Basashi(horse-meat sashimi) 1,800yenBasashi (horse-meat sashimi) is a local Kumamoto specialty. This popular dish is twice as delicious when eaten with onions and soy ginger.

Tempura-moriawase 700yenA tempura assortment containing mainly our popular shrimp and vegetable tempura.

Kawazakanashioyaki 700yenOutstandingly fresh river fish grilled with salt.

Tezukuri-tofu 300yenHandmade tofu with a mild taste.

About Soutarouan’s Soba Noodles

Our commitment to ingredients and production methodsOur unique blend that brings out the deliciousness of Aso-grown “soba”

We offer two types of noodles - thin noodles for cold soba dishes like zarusoba and thick noodles for hot soba dishes. We blend soba flour grown locally in Aso with soba flour from Hokkaido to produce a better flavor and texture.

We use two kinds of soba broth – broth for cold soba and broth for hot soba. In addition to changing the ratios of soy sauce, sugar and mirin, we also change the ratios of several types of dried bonito shavings in the accompanying soup stock.

【Wasabi 】
We use fresh horse radish. Please enjoy its flavor and pungency.