Our five baths

YamaseminoyuThis is our most spacious outdoor bath. It is surrounded by green trees, and you can enjoy a colorful view during the tinted autumnal leaves season.
*For safety reasons, this bath is only open until 22:00.

HoujironoyuThis outdoor bath is surrounded by trees, and we are proud of how spacious it is. On clear nights, you have a beautiful view of the stars.

KogeranoyuThis warm, indoor, cypress bath provides a view of red tinted Japanese maple leaves in autumn.
* For safety reasons, this bath is only open until 22:00.

OshidorinoyuThis indoor stone bath is full of Japanese ambiance. This warm bath is our most popular bath during winter.

UguisunoyuOut of our three outdoor baths, this is the smallest tub. You can leisurely enjoy the quality of the hot spring water in this dynamic stone bath.

About using the hot spring

Bathing without lodging

Reservation fee: 1,000yen (one location for one hour)
Bathing fee: Adults 500yen per person, children 300yen per person
Usage hours: 11:00 ~ 15:00

Body towels for rent are available.

Bathing for lodgers

Hot spring usage hours while staying
【Baths that are usable 24 hours a day】 oshidorinoyu・uguisunoyu・houjironoyu

【Baths that are unusable from 22:00 until 7:00】 yamaseminoyu・kogeranoyu